Roads & Drives

Driving over uneven roads can cause damage to vehicles, so it is a great investment to get them resurfaced. Our skills can ensure that your roads are kept even, so that you can drive safely.

Resurfacing Asphalt Tarmacadam

Tarmac is a great surface covering for many reasons, and it is important that you keep it looking its best at all times. Not only does upkeep help to make the material look good, but it also prevents things like holes in the surface, which could damage cars and be dangerous to cyclists. Therefore, resurfacing is important if you notice that there is any kind of damage. The good news is that we are able to help with this, and our experts have the key experience and knowledge to be able to do a great job that you will be more than happy with.

There are many advantages to tarmac as a surfacing material, including:

– Easy to lay and quick to set

– Aesthetically pleasing

– Durable and long lasting

When you consider the benefits of tarmac, it is clear to see why you should always ensure that it is kept to the highest quality possible at all times. Our team are able to help you with this, so get in touch today to see what we can do.

Private Lanes

Because private lanes aren’t the responsibility of the local council, they can often be overlooked when it comes to resurfacing works. We can work with you to repair your private lane, making it both safe and more aesthetically pleasing.

Car Parks & Paths

It is important that ground is even where pedestrians need to walk, as uneven flooring can cause accidents. Our service can make sure that your car parks and pathways are even, making it easy to walk on, therefore avoiding injury in the future.


It is important that children are able to play safely within school grounds, and this isn’t possible with uneven ground. Our skills can help to maintain this, meaning that children will be able to play outside without worry of injury.

Rail Platforms

Many of us use our local rail networks to commute to work every day, so it is important that surfaces are even and safe. We can work with you to make sure that this is the case, making the daily commute more comfortable for everyone.


Lots of things can cause potholes, including the weather, and repair is vital to avoid damage to vehicles. We are able to repair potholes, and therefore keep our local roads safe – which should save you time and money on vehicle repair in the future.

Block Paving

Block paving can look stunning outside of your property, and we have the skills to create exactly what you need. It can certainly add a look of luxury to your home, and we can work with you to design something that will suit you perfectly.

Hot Tar & Coloured Shingle

Having a driveway resurfaced is quite an undertaking, so you should be pleased to hear that we are able to deal with everything that you need – including the provision of hot tar and coloured shingle. Simply leave it to us, and our experts can create just what you need.

Resin Bond

This is a type of driveway that can look really stunning, and we have the skills to provide you with this look for your own home. We can deal with every stage of installation, meaning that you’re left with exactly what you were looking for.

Tennis Courts

Tennis is a great sport, and a solid, even court is key to add to the enjoyment of the game. If your land isn’t well suited for this then we can work with you to create an even space where you can play safely – and this is sure to bring you lots of enjoyment in the future.

Forestry & Woodland Paths

We should all be able to enjoy our local woodland, but having even, accessible paths is key to this enjoyment. We can create exactly this, making sure that woodland really is open to everybody who wishes to enjoy it.

Education Sector

The education sector is key to the future of our country, and it is vital that schools and other establishments are able to enjoy safe, stable pathways. Our resurfacing skills can be put to good use here, making sure that everybody has somewhere safe to learn.


Walls need to be in consistently good condition, or they run the risk of collapsing and causing injury. Our maintenance work can help to ensure that this is the case, therefore keeping everybody safe at all times.

Drop Kerbs

Access to your property is key, and drop kerbs are essential if you have a driveway. If you are just having one installed, we are able to add a drop kerb for you, meaning that you can access your driveway whenever you need to.

If you would like to enquire about the services that we have to offer, simply get in touch on our Contact Page and we will respond to you quickly.

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