Hard to Soft Construction

Japanese Knotweed Removal & Treatment

Japanese Knotweed is a problem in many different places, but we have the ability not only to remove it, but also treat it to ensure that it doesn’t spread further. This service is incredibly valuable in many different areas.

Barriers and Fencing

Whether you are building a new home, renovating an old one, or working on a commercial property, you need to think about the barriers and fencing that you will be using. We can help with this, by providing you with not only the best possible materials, but also a high quality installation team, which means that you can be really certain that you are getting the best boundary solution for your needs.

There are a number of functions that fences and barriers can provide:

– As a means of marking where your land boundaries lie

– As a security measure to keep people off your property

– As a safety measure to keep young children inside your boundary

– To prevent pets from escaping

– As a decorative addition to your landscaping

No matter which is the most important to you, we will be able to work you in order to turn your vision into a reality, and erect a fence or barrier that truly suits your needs.

Lakes and Ponds

Most people know just how wonderful an area of water can look in a property, but many people believe that if there is not one already there, there is nothing that can be done. This is not the case, however, and our team can work with you to create exactly what you have been looking for.

Not only can we create the lake or pond that you truly want, but we can also work with you at the design stage of the process too, meaning that if you have lots of ideas but aren’t quite sure how to jot them down on paper, we can help with this. We will be able to build your vision on paper, and make sure that it is absolutely what you are looking for before we go ahead and start to create it.

There are many reasons you might want a lake or pond:

– As a focal point and key area of beauty in your garden

– To brighten up the grounds of a workplace

– To provide habitats for animals and plants

– To increase the value of your home

Whatever the reason you have decided that you would like a lake or pond, we are able to work together with you to create the outdoor area that you really want. It is certain to make a huge difference to your property – whether residential or commercial – so now is the perfect time to make a start.


Adding turf to the outside of a property is something that lots of people want to do, however it can be tricky to do it yourself – and you may end up with disappointing results if you’re not exactly sure how to lay the turf yourself. For this reason, you should hire experts to do it for you – and we are the ideal people for the job.

There are many benefits to having turf, including:

– The grass produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide

– Provides absorbance for rainfall, avoiding flooding

– Filters out pollution that falls with the rain

– A great place for children to play

If you are thinking about turf for your garden, then you may be encouraged by the fact that it is a great way to provide children and animals with a safe place to play. If you have a commercial property then it can add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of the building, and would also give you somewhere to hold summer events such as BBQs and sporting tournaments. So, not only are you making a great choice for your property, but also for the environment – meaning that turf really is an option to go for.


Woodland & Vegetation Clearance for Development

Buying land for development is exciting, but it can be frustrating to see the amount of clearance that needs to go ahead before anything can be done with the land. The great news is that we can deal with this for you, meaning that the land will be ready to be used in any way you wish.

If you would like to enquire about the services that we have to offer, simply get in touch on our Contact Page and we will respond to you quickly.

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